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Castor West

We are proposing to construct a solar energy facility with 47 megawatts of total generating capacity approximately 2 km west of the Town of Castor on privately owned land. The project will generate enough renewable energy to offset approximately 55,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions, or enough to power over 14,000 homes.

Sky Sustainable and Green Energy Co (Sky)  are proposing to construct and operate a clean and efficient power generation facility to help address Alberta's ongoing need for renewable energy. The project is located west of Castor on privately owned land. 

Proposed Timeline:

Environmental Studies - Completed October, 2022

Open House - November, 2022

Regulatory Applications - December, 2023

Estimated Construction Star - March, 2025*

Estimated In-Service Date - December, 2025*

*Subject to regulatory approval

Environmental Studies: All solar projects in Alberta must submit a detailed environmental evaluation to Alberta Environment and Protected Areas. This evaluation, which includes detailed wildlife studies as well as wetland and wildlife habitat mapping, is available upon request. 

The Castor West Solar Project has been sited to avoid all wildlife habitat and any associated setbacks as required by the Wildlife Directive for Alberta Solar Projects, which is published by Alberta Environment and Protected Areas.

Noise: All energy projects in Alberta must complete a Noise Impact Assessment and comply with the requirements of Alberta Utilities Commision Rule 012: Noise Control.

Electrical Interconnection: The proposed project will be connected to the existing ATCO distribution system located adjacent to the Project site. The connection between the project substation and the distribution system will be completed by Sky Sustainable and Green Energy Corp as part of the project. 

Public Involvement: Sky believes every renewable energy project is the beginning of a lasting partnership with the local community. As part of our consultation activities, we work closely with community members to identify areas of interest and concern as we seek to finalize our project. We are committed to open communication and dialogue, which we believe will ultimately result in a development that reflects the value of the community. Please feel free to contact us at the number listed below if you would like any more information.

Community Engagement and Benefits: Sky values the long-term benefits of working with the local community. If the Spruce Grove South Solar Project is approved and constructed, the local community is expected to benefit from:

  • Local spending during the construction and operations;

  • Employment opportunities during construction and operations; and

  • Tax revenues to Paintearth County No.18.

Construction Considerations: Sky will work with Paintearth County No.18  during construction planning to minimize potential impacts such as dust, noise, and increased traffic. Our current plans are to access the site from existing township and range roads adjacent to the boundary of the proposed project.

About Sky: Sky is a local project developer. We work with landowners and community members to build solar farms that deliver clean power to the grid. We are committed to utility-scale projects that can deliver clean, renewable energy to the largest number of people. 

Please feel free to contact us at the number listed below if you would like any more information.

Michael Stafford 

(403) 808-5199

Project Details


Estimated number of panels

60 Megawatts DC

Total project capacity


Electrical connection voltage

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